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Love was...[Less]

Love was...Reck-Less/

Heart Wrecked, you could care less/

I paid the price for your premature pride.

Love was...JoyLess/
Somber Summer stuck

with stress/

Madness curing


Love was...EndLess/

Stuck Stranded surrounded by sand/

Fought until no longer could stand.

Love was...PointLess/

Lost in a maze on

my Quest/

What's left inside

my treasured chest?

Love was...SleepLess/

All awake, Uncomfortable and Unable/
Foundation broken and unstable.

Love was...HelpLess/

Weary Wary,

oh how much longer?/

All Alone,

oh how I ponder.

Love was...AimLess/

Trapped without enough, what's the intent?/

My pure potential you pettily prevent.

Love was...ClueLess/

Conflicted at the Crossroads/

Left lonely, which way to go?

Love was...HopeLess/

Suffocation blended with distress/

Who happens to hear my hollers?

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