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Mind of Marte Ent.
(Mo' Me)

I am a conceptual artist and devoted Lightworker living in Mount Shasta, CA. Beloved Shasta showed me my shadows, healed my heart, and shared Her cosmic wisdom, changing my life and trajectory to my Highest & Easiest.


The first book of my autobiographical science fiction novel series, "Mission: Moonchild", is currently in the editing phase and ready for release soon. I have poured my life experiences & education into this creation, truly one of my life purposes to spread the word of enlightenment as a messenger for Source. I cannot wait to share with the universe what I have been passionately pursuing. 

I have recently tapped into the NFT game, releasing a series of my favorite design, "Patience." I already have two more NFT series in the works, and am excited for my expression in this new venture to reach the masses.

I genuinely thank all who have supported my artistic and spiritual journey. I am here on Earth to do many things, but they all fall under my greatest purpose: To Inspire.

Thank you for seeing my Light. 

- Marte

"Young Dreams"


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