Mount my Mind...

Conceptual artist still, and always, discovering new artistic outlets to creatively express my experiences & expertise. Whether in the form of "Marte Photographe" or "Alliteration Aside", allow my art to inspire yours or merely admire & appreciate. 


I earned my Masters degree in Business & Administration with a concentration in Marketing, allowing me to effectively target my client's markets, as well as provide myself with the necessary tools for all the future business ventures my mind meditates. 


As for my services/product, I am able to provide original themed concepts for marketing campaigns including company logos and slogans, as well as advertisements and promotions through  photography and videography, specifically designed for each client's need and purpose.


Also, all physical artwork is available for purchase, as well as custom prints/framing for any photograph or illustration desired. 


I welcome all open minded, art loving, positive people on my promising path as an artist. I genuinely thank all who have supported my journey. Any negativity has no effect on me, if you can't appreciate my art then you're simply not my audience. For I still, and always, will:


"Continue to Create"


- Marte